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About Memorial Garden Park

Memorial Garden Park is a non-profit perpetual care cemetery. All money is put back into the care and upkeep of the cemetery.   A board of directors is elected by the membership to manage financial decisions. A selected sub board meets monthly to oversee day to day operations.

When you purchase a space in the cemetery, you become a member of the cemetery with voting rights.  All members are encouraged to attend our annual Saturday 9:00am meeting (May 20th, 2023) and participate in the affairs of the cemetery.


Our Facilities

Memorial Garden Park, with around 20 acres of land, has plenty of room for future expansion.


With an office area for meeting with clients, to a very large boardroom for monthly, quarterly and our annual public meeting, we have very nice facilities for conducting business.

Perpetual Care


In the simplest of terms, perpetual care means that this cemetery is saving money for the future to ensure that Memorial Garden Park Cemetery will always be here for you.  Part of the money that is purchased for burial spaces is mandated by the Secretary of State's office, to go into a fund that will be used for future use.

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